3 things I like about spring

— Flowers. Flowers flowers flowers. My husband doesn’t buy me cut flowers from the store very often. Instead, he gets flowers to have in pots and planter boxes on our back deck, and plants bulbs in our front yard like these. Our front flower beds usually get to Jungle status around the end of May.Continue reading “3 things I like about spring”

6 things I did like about the quarantine

1 telework. It’s nice to have my husband in the house four days a week, even when we’re both working online and not even interacting directly. 2 masks. I know I said I didn’t like them, but I also do like them – no one got sick during the winter. Sinus infections, strep, and bronchitisContinue reading “6 things I did like about the quarantine”

9 things I did not like about the covid-19 quarantine

1 the disease. I didn’t like that we had to do a quarantine at all. But we needed to until scientists and doctors could figure out what this thing was and how to fight it. 2 the unhealthy amount of screen time my kids got sucked into, just to do their school work. 3 beingContinue reading “9 things I did not like about the covid-19 quarantine”

31 women of history I admire

It’s Women’s History Month, and I am posting CURRENT women’s accounts in my Instagram feed every day this month. Why? Because statistics show that history is written by men, about men. Approximately ONE PERCENT of recorded history in the world is about women, and I’m really not okay with that. There’s only so much thatContinue reading “31 women of history I admire”