Trina Caudle


Hello! I’m Trina, and I like people and real stories. I especially like to help people share their stories, which is why we’re here.

I have a BS degree from Western Oregon University in history and journalism. After graduation, I was an editor for government and voter-education organizations so I could be part of creating history, along with recording it in real time. I did that until babies started coming – we homeschooled for eight years and focused history and literature. Women’s history and biographical stories are still my favorite.

I got back into editing by accident, when a cousin asked for my opinion on a novel she was writing. I noticed a couple of typos, and it was immediately a game of hide-and-seek to see how many I could find. I won. Then someone from my church asked if I would edit his memoir, and here we go – writing and editing AND personal stories! Jackpot!

I live in Virginia with my husband and our five children, and our suburban life became complete once we got a dog. We love being near Washington DC with all the museums and history. We also lived in New England for a long time, and love and miss the stereotypes like swimming in the lake during the summer, picking apples in the fall colors, and wrapping up in handmade quilts to read books by the woodstove when it’s winter.

the list of me:
  • wife, mom
  • word nerd
  • reader
  • quilter
  • political junkie
  • Latter-day Saint
  • journalist
  • story collector
  • community theater arts enabler
  • road-tripper

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