5 memoirs to read

Welcome to Library House Editing! The name comes from my family’s prolific use of the public library, and our attempts to turn our home into a library. We are all about BOOKS! Actually … we are all about the STORIES contained in books. Books would just be stacks of paper if it wasn’t for the stories.

I’ve read my kids literally thousands of picture books. They’ve outgrown them, and now read a lot of twists on fairy tales and mythology. My husband also likes fantasy and science fiction.

My favorite-favorite-favorite stories are real ones, about real people. The first book I really remember reading in elementary school – third or fourth grade maybe? – was a biography of Jane Addams and it was the coolest thing ever. She was a moderately wealthy woman who wanted to help the poor and became a social activist. Consider me hooked.

Biographies and memoir currently in-process of reading or waiting to be opened:

  • Under the Tuscan Sun
  • I am Malala
  • Madame Secretary: Madeleine Albright
  • The Boys in the Boat
  • Save Me the Plums

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