5 podcasts I listen to

I’ve never been much of a podcast listener, but that’s changed a lot over the past year. And is it just me, or is it that every time I turn around, someone else has started a podcast. I don’t have the brain space to listen to everything, so I’m holding it to five. This is what I listen to:

1 Listen, Learn & Love, hosted by Richard Ostler. I suppose you could say that I “have” to like this one, since I’m working on a second book spin-off of this podcast. But I loved and supported the podcast before books came into the picture. Richard talks to people about real situations that are difficult and gives them a platform to share their stories … which is pretty much my entire focus in writing and editing. The only difference is that he does the audio version and I do the written version of helping people share their experiences.

2 At Last She Said It, hosted by Cynthia Winward and Susan Hinckley. At last. Seriously. There aren’t a lot of ways for women to speak out in their own truth about the lack of voice and representation in the LDS Church, and these two women are done with that. They’re saying the stuff that hasn’t been said out loud, just whispered in corners if it’s acknowledged at all.

3 Beyond the Block, hosted by James Jones and Derek Knox. The name comes from how we refer to Latter-day Saint Sunday church meetings – they’re in a “block” of time, because we have multiple classes consecutively. Their discussion goes outside that block of time, and the block of U.S./Utah Mormon culture, frankly. U.S. Mormon culture – to be super blunt – is an odd combination of American Puritanism from the 1700s (every hymn is a slow motion dirge) and British and Scandinavian immigrants in the late 1800s (blond. The majority of Mormons in Utah are blond.) James is a Black man who was raised within the Church; Derek is a gay man who converted a few years ago.

4 The Faithful Feminists, hosted by Channing and Elise (last names not listed). More women saying their truth … the At Last podcast is more general. This one specifically follows the “Come Follow Me” scripture study curriculum. They started last year with the Book of Mormon, and have continued with the Doctrine & Covenants.

5 First Name Basis, hosted by Jasmine Bradshaw. She talks about teaching children about antiracism and anti-bias, so be ready to confront and deal with your own white fragility, if that’s a factor in your life. I also love her “untold story of…” episodes – real history, instead of the myths I’ve been taught my entire life.

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