3 random facts

the desk that used to be a 1905 cabinet grand piano

We have a desk that used to be a piano. It’s an antique from 1905 and we looked into getting it restored, but to have a $20K piano, we would’ve had to drop $15K to get it up to speed. It was a huge paperweight. So my husband stripped the keyboard and the wires, and now it’s a steampunk desk!

Cooking is something I do because I have to, because growing children require being fed multiple times a day. I’m decent at it because I’ve been doing it long enough, but it’s not something I enjoy. But foodie memoirs – which describe cooking in great detail, often while the writer is in culinary school – are one of my favorite things to read. Go figure.

I love writing cards for people. In the first 70 days of the Covid quarantine, I wrote and sent 70 cards. Then I ran out of stamps and it took a long time to get to the post office to get more.

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