CHERISH: The Joy of Our Mother in Heaven
Curated by Ashli Carnicelli, Trina Caudle, & McArthur Krishna
Published by BCC Press, April 2023

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The doctrine of a Heavenly Mother is a cherished and distinctive belief among Latter-day Saints.”
– The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Mother in Heaven” Gospel Topics essay

Cherish is an offer of a loving embrace. This collection of poetry, reflections, and exquisite art is organized around the Gospel Topics essay, “Mother in Heaven.” Quotes from Church leaders and the scriptures help guide readers to celebrate this cherished doctrine. Come share the joy!

“As a man who values his relationship with his earthly mother, I just recently have begun to consider the joy of having a Mother in heaven. I have been on a personal and uplifting journey as I uncover this doctrine. I’m making up for lost time by communing with my Heavenly Mother through daily meditation.” – Mauli Bonnor 

“Holding firmly to their empowering conviction that “if our Heavenly Parents are infinite beings, then there are infinite touch points to honor them,” Ashli, Trina, and McArthur have gathered an exquisite collection of diverse personal vignettes on this cherished doctrine. With an unwavering focus on Jesus Christ and His divine love, each contribution thoughtfully directs our gaze toward Him while simultaneously strengthening our connection to our Heavenly Parents’ infinite care and reinforcing our divine identity as Their beloved children. Seasoned with inspiring quotes from trusted sources and helpful tethers back to the “Mother in Heaven” Gospel Topics Essay, this lovely compilation is a feast worth savoring deeply and sharing generously!” – Melinda W. Brown

“When I walk into an art classroom with a wall full of figure drawings, I’m struck by the wonder, the humanity, and the multi-dimensionality of so many artists depicting a single subject. One artist’s line quality, a second artist’s gesture, a third artist’s tone—each helps me better understand and appreciate the person depicted. Every drawing necessarily captures the model from a unique angle and perspective. This book presents us with a similar experience. Through poetry, prose, and imagery, each contributor gives us a unique glimpse of Heavenly Mother, adding dimensions to our current understanding. May the contents of this book give us greater insight, greater hope and partnership, and greater commitment to the feminine divine.” – J. Kirk Richards 

“This beautiful compilation is a gift and blessing for all those seeking for further understanding of the sacred and holy doctrine of our Heavenly Mother.” Katie Hughes

“What a precious resource full of beautiful art and testimony that both affirms gospel truths of our divine heritage and expands the heart to confirm these principles through the Holy Spirit. My heart filled with joy and light as I devoured it.” Shima Baradaran Baughman

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Cherish: the Joy of Our Mother in Heaven by Ashli Carnicelli, Trina Caudle, and McArthur Krishna. Published by BCC Press, April 2023.


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