9 things I did not like about the covid-19 quarantine

1 the disease. I didn’t like that we had to do a quarantine at all. But we needed to until scientists and doctors could figure out what this thing was and how to fight it.

2 the unhealthy amount of screen time my kids got sucked into, just to do their school work.

3 being the gatekeeper for when people could attend in-person church, because of limited numbers at services. It feels utterly wrong to tell people when they are “allowed” to go to church, even when you’re telling them YES.

4 no traveling. We had some awesome plans last summer, and we did none of them.

5 my kids fighting over individual Legos, out of the millions we have. Okay, so they do this all the time, not just during a quarantine, but it was a lot more often.

6 masks. I believe we SHOULD wear masks, and I believe they have been effective. But that doesn’t mean I actually like wearing them.

7 a woman with some dementia issues called me every week – “Can we go to church yet?” Church services hadn’t restarted yet, so I had to tell her No. And she cried every time.

8 the politicization of the whole situation. Americans are awesome at banding together for recovery efforts from natural disasters. THIS was a natural disaster – why all the lies and conspiracy theories? (Don’t answer that. I know why.)

9 the library was closed for four months.

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