WYS: vacations


What are some vacations you remember from when you were a kid?

My answer: I grew up in Oregon, and our vacations were to visit cousins in California and Washington, with some bonus trips to Disneyland. 🎠 One trip that stands out was during my junior year of high school – my parents pulled us all out of class for a week. We went to Los Angeles for my uncle’s wedding – I was the maid of honor. And we paid a visit to the Magic Kingdom that year. My siblings and I carried around a map of the park and checked off the rides we went on.❤️
My kids have road tripped all over the Eastern seaboard, but they will likely always remember our day at Lake Compounce just last weekend – a small, local amusement park. We learned that we do NOT like wooden rollercoasters. 🎢 The first ride we went on, SM lost her glasses. She had taken them off and put them in her pocket to be safe … Not safe. 😳 She went blind for almost a week while the optometrist ordered new ones.

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