MWP: Through the eyes of a mother

I recently saw a painting by Rose Datoc Dall that spoke to me at a deeper level than I had ever experienced. I have a lot of thoughts about Latter-day Saint theology’s explanation of the role of marriage, of men and women working together in a creative partnership, but nothing I can quite put into words. Then I saw this painting and thought, “THAT. That begins to explain what I want to say, but cannot.”

Created for inclusion in the book “A Boy’s Guide to Heavenly Mother”
by McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding.

I immediately sent her a DM on Instagram and asked for an interview for the Mormon Women Project and was so happy when she said Yes! I called the phone number she gave me to set up a time, and she had some time so we just did the interview right then. You can read it here:


“What I’ve come to find is that being a mother has completely informed my art.”

I love that she said this, and I’ve found the same thing. My art is writing and editing nonfiction memoir memory type of things, not painting, but I am also compelled to make motherhood a centerpiece of my work. I produce these interviews and research women’s history to find strong role models for my daughters. I am delighted to add Rose to that roster.

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