behind the scenes with Cherish: part 4

Part 3: Waiting Chapter 4: Utah Tuesday, May 2, 2023: Adam and I left our kids with his sister Naomi and flew to Salt Lake. It took the entire afternoon and evening, with a layover in Denver – when we landed in Salt Lake and his best friend Walter picked us up at the airport,Continue reading “behind the scenes with Cherish: part 4”

behind the scenes with Cherish: part 3

Part 2: Gestating a Book Chapter 3: Waiting Once the manuscript went to BCC in October, things were quiet. We occasionally had a phone conversation and Ashli posted things on the @cherisheddoctrine Instagram, but we were waiting for the publisher to do the layout and whatever else it is that publishers do to prep aContinue reading “behind the scenes with Cherish: part 3”

behind the scenes with Cherish: part 2

Part 1: Heavenly Mother is an Instagrammer Chapter 2: Gestating a Book May 2022: McArthur travels around the US, and even internationally sometimes, to speak at firesides and other gatherings about the doctrine of Heavenly Mother. This month, she went to North Carolina and spoke at a Heavenly Mother fireside in Ashli’s stake. Then sheContinue reading “behind the scenes with Cherish: part 2”

behind the scenes with Cherish: part 1

I’m baffled at myself for not writing all of this as it happened – what kind of journalist am I … But better late than never. So here’s the WHOLE STORY from my perspective. McArthur and Ashli will have different details. Chapter 1: Heavenly Mother Is An Instagrammer Spring 2021: Instagram is a mysterious thingContinue reading “behind the scenes with Cherish: part 1”

LDSWP: 2023 interview roster

When I started writing and editing for the LDS Women Project in April 2020, my goal was to write and publish 100 interviews, and work with other writers to get the full database to 500. We crossed 300 this past year, so there’s still a long way to go. My personal goal is more manageableContinue reading “LDSWP: 2023 interview roster”

Listen, Learn & Love THREE

Another book project I worked on in 2023 was Listen, Learn & Love: Building the Good Ship Zion by Richard Ostler. I suspect this will be the last book installment of the LLL series, at least for awhile. Richard started his podcast focused on the personal stories of LGBTQ people, expanded it to include otherContinue reading “Listen, Learn & Love THREE”

2023 top ten

10: Starting Scouts BSA with four of my five kiddos has been a challenge. When we’re actually DOING SCOUTS – campouts, skills development – life is good and the kids are progressing well. But among the adult leadership, there’s a lot of angry jockeying for power and it’s … not what I expected. My self-appointedContinue reading “2023 top ten”