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Silent Souls Weeping by Jane Clayson Johnson is about dealing with depression in the context of the LDS faith.

Silent Souls Weeping

It’s a mix of memoir of her own experience with it, and interviews she did with other people, so there is a variety of perspective. Some people deal with the long-term effects of chemical imbalance in their brains. Some people had a short stint with just a year or two and then were fine. She had chapters on postpartum depression, and the depression of being LGBT in a religious environment that believes just being gay is a sin.

My family has a lot of experience with mental health issues and neuro-divergence, so there really wasn’t anything new for me in the book. But I gave it a high rating on Goodreads anyway, so that other people will read it. It has a lot of good information and stories that will help create empathy.

My personal take-away was a reminder to keep an eye on younger women in my circles of influence when they are pregnant, and to let them know clearly that “postpartum depression” can also happen DURING pregnancy. No one seems to know that – and doctors don’t tell you – until you actually go through it, which I did. I went progressively downhill through my pregnancies until the last one when I just wanted to sleep ALL the time, and ended up with an antidepressant medication just to get through the day. As soon as the baby was born, it was like a switch flipped, and I had my brain back.

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