reading list: nope

The book Home Edit Life: The Complete Guide to Organizing Absolutely Everything at Work, at Home, and on the Go is on its way back to the library.

One word: pretentious.

The photos, while very pretty, are all the same: rainbow organization on a bright white background. Because people only own things in a rainbow spectrum, right? (Also, the only people who organize their books by the cover’s color aren’t actually planning to read them.)

The locations and demos in this book are only of the exceptionally wealthy – clothing closets the size of a shop with lighted shelves for hundreds of pairs of shoes, pantries are entire rooms, a “morning beverage station” the size of one of my apartment kitchens … They even included a multi-page description of organizing someone’s tour bus, yeah, that’s TOTALLY how I travel! This is absolutely useless for a normal middle class person who is trying to organize a typical suburban house.

The name dropping is ridiculous. This actress, that athlete, lots of them. And to make sure readers know who their clients are, they put the name in bold type. “We arranged a closet for a big dog, because Laura Dern has a big dog.” And Laura Dern’s name is in bold. Along with Reese Witherspoon, Katy Perry, a Kardashian, and more. UGH.

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